Structural Diagram of Track Roller

2019-05-15 22:06:00

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Supporting wheel is one of the four wheels of excavator and bulldozer chassis. Its main function is to support the weight of excavator and bulldozer and let the track move along the wheel.

The main structure of the supporting wheel is composed of wheel body, supporting wheel axle, axle sleeve, sealing ring, end cover and other related components.

Supporting wheel body material is generally 45 steel, 40MN2 and other materials, the main process of casting or forging, mechanical processing for heat treatment, the hardness of the wheel surface after quenching to reach HRC38 or so, in order to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface. The processing precision of supporting wheel axle is required to be high, so it needs CNC machine tools to process to meet the requirements. There are more 40Mn2 materials, and quenching and heat treatment should be carried out after processing, The hardness is about HRC42.

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